Has DevOps Failed?


In his Behaviorally Speaking series, Bob Aiello discusses hands-on software configuration management best practices within the context of organizational and group behavior.

application build, package, and deploy. Most of all we need good communication.

As IT professionals, we need to identify and include all stakeholders in the DevOps process, including development, QA, data security, and operations. We also need to include our business users. Recently, I attended a holiday party in New York City and had an opportunity to chat with one of the end users who was on the other end of my late-night deployments for a cloud-based technology. I learned a lot from that discussion which led me to understand how we should be approaching deployment automation quite differently.

DevOps needs to come into its own in 2013. We need to improve our training approaches to DevOps and help technology professionals understand its benefits and effective methodologies. Perhaps we should say that DevOps got rolling in 2012 and our goal is to cross the finish line in the coming year!

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