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impediments and result in a better process. Agile teams have this forum to express their impediments, needs and ideas. Executives should be pay attention to these channels and work with the teams through the action items. Without articulating them however, teams can’t expect that others will know about them.

The current business climate does not allow for many a lot of experimenting with agile processes. Executives are looking for quick impact, new models and change. Introducing agile takes time, but once the teams get started immediate positive results is visible. Agile training and coaching can help organizations to expedite the adoption. The investment into agile transformation services is usually insignificant when compared to the impact agile processes have on the bottom line of the enterprise. The advantage is that external coaches are unbiased and more likely to express the need for change, especially if it affects supervisors of team members. They also see a variety of projects in the industry and chose from a large pool of solutions, which have worked in the past.

While agile teams expect trust and understanding for their actions, the teams must also understand the motivations of executives. In some sense, the pressure of the business world has a direct impact on the agile teams. Executives are aware of this but reach out to agile developers for ideas, solutions and the appropriate technical response.

About the Author

Jochen (Joe) Krebs ( www.jochenkrebs.com) is an accomplished coach, trainer and consultant who is specialized in agile transformations of individuals, teams and entire organizations. He offers his services through Incrementor ( www.incrementor.com), a boutique management consultancy based in New York. His approach is very hands-on, with a positive impact on ROI by delivering products and services faster and in higher quality. He led one of the largest agile transformations at AOL in 2008. Since then, he worked directly with teams and management at a number of medium sized customers in the New York area.

Joe wrote two books related to iterative-incremental development, “Agile Portfolio Management” and the “RUP Reference and Certification Guide”. When time permits, Joe presents at conferences, companies and local user groups events and publishes articles.

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