How To Choose Quality Candidates/Consultants for Your Large Company Agile Initiative


your overall project management structure.

12. What does project velocity mean?

This is a project manager question, but most Agile practitioners should know the answer. Project velocity is the rate at which a team is "burning" through story points, so a possible velocity might be "30 story points per iteration." That means that so far, the team has been able to identify, code and test 30 units of functionality (story points) in an average iteration and can expect to do about that much in future iterations, giving a fairly good view towards what can be accomplished by a release date.

Use these questions when interviewing people for specific roles on your Agile projects, or especially for those you are considering to bring in as Agile coaches or mentors. You want to have a very clear idea that the coach's ideas will mesh well with the structures that you have in place in your large organization. Unfortunately, there are Agile coaches who feel that the external environment doesn't play a factor in their mentorship of your teams. As you can tell, we disagree. Agile can work in a large company, but it has to be tailored and even compromised to fit the realities that you face when setting up and executing projects.

Hopefully, these twelve questions can be a good start for your qualification process in bringing in new Agile consultants or candidate employees. Our hope is that you can build a highly-qualified team that will fit in well with your corporate development process, culture and PM standards.


Our work is based on the research paper by Dr. Hong Li. 

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