How Does Software Development Fit in with ITIL's Configuration Management Database?


At the level of change, configuration and release management, there is nothing in ITIL that goes against classic configuration management principles:

·         Configuration identification

·         Configuration control

·         Status accounting

·         Audit and review

·         Build and release management

It is not difficult in principle to link sound software development practices and tools into an existing CMDB, as part of the inputs and the outputs from the software development process.

You may believe that all your organization does is release applications and that you have been doing it successfully for years. We encourage you to think of that as providing an application service and then being able to benefit from the excellent work and best practices that are documented in ITIL V3. It will lead to a more seamless and joined up organization, providing more value to the business.

ITIL is a registered trademark of the UK Government's Office of Government Commerce (usually known as the OGC).

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About the author

About the author

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