How to Plan the Perfect 'T' Party


customer-oriented perspective. I was seeking to answer the following questions:

  • What is the customer view of our software quality?
  • How do developers view their interactions with testers?
  • What quality processes do developers use?
  • How do the testers view their interactions with developers?

I made the survey purely voluntary. I did not use random-sampling techniques in collecting the data. Therefore, I cannot draw conclusions with any level of confidence. In fact, the response rates from developers were so poor that I will not include their results here. Response rates from Technical Support and Development Testers are included on the bar charts.

Survey of Development Testers
What amount of testing do your developers perform before handing code to testers?


How much contact do developers and testers have in your area?


Survery of Technical Support
What are customers' assessments of the quality of this product?


This paper was presented at StarEast 1998.

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