How Scrum Generates Increased Productivity, Part Three: The Team


be built. Of course, Scrum's mandate for self-organization also spurs the team to redefine its own standards of productivity. And while the combination of self-organization and retrospective evaluation allows the team to push itself to accomplish great things in the hopes of reaching a state of flow, it's also important to note that the team's sense of autonomy plays a major factor in boosting morale. Rather than reduce a team to ‘resources' capable of little more than carrying out instructions, Scrum recognizes that trusting the team with big decisions has an equally big payoff. Specifically, it gives members of the development team more say in the work they do. No wonder most Scrum transformations start from a bottom-up approach-this is how developers want to work.

About the Author

In August 2000, Laszlo Szalvay founded Danube Technologies, Inc. with his brother Victor in Seattle, Wash. to provide software and training exclusively focused on the Scrum method of agile software development. The company's ScrumWorks® Pro and ScrumWorks Basic products are licensed to more than 105,000 software professionals worldwide, making it the most widely used software in the industry for managing Scrum projects. ScrumWorks Pro recently received a Jolt Productivity Award at the 19th annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards. Danube complements its software offering with a comprehensive schedule of ScrumCORE TM training courses, which are taught globally by Danube's five Certified Scrum Trainers.

The company's on-site software delivery model makes it the leading choice for enterprises of all types, including large corporate and government organizations, which require the utmost in security, compliance, ease-of-use and customization. Danube's customers include Adobe,, AMD, F5, General Electric, HP, Intel, Intuit, Kofax, LexisNexis, Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle, QVC, Siemens and Sun Microsystems. Danube is self-funded and has achieved steady organic growth as Scrum has emerged as the preferred agile method for developers and executives. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. and has a sales office in Portland, Ore. Please visit or call (503) 248-0800 for more information on Danube.

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