Implementation Methodologies


methodologies employed throughout the SDLC. However, the notion of SCM implementation methodologies must also be viewed from many other perspectives within the software engineering environment, and through the eyes and actions of a multitude of practitioners who face daunting challenges each and every day.


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Dick Carlson is a consultant with 20+ years of software engineering experience that focused on software development training and mentoring, development and implementation of software lifecycle methodologies, software configuration management, software quality assurance, project management, requirements development and management, risk management, business modeling, business re-engineering, and software process improvement. Dick has trained and mentored teams and individuals on conducting strategic SCM activities and creating critical work products. He has also been involved in software process improvement initiatives in preparing organizations for SEI CMM Levels 2 and 3 compliance.
ick is the VP of Education with the Association for Configuration and Data Management (ACDM) and can be contacted by e-mail at [email protected].

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