Infrastructure Envisioning


The challenge now focuses on how to build an infrastructure that supports Agile while also not obstructing the progress of the team that must continue to deliver value. One suggestion is to utilize a newly termed approach entitled Infrastructure Envisioning.

With that in mind, consideration should be given to the idea of "envision the future" then "adjust and implement incrementally". This essentially applies an incremental approach to the continuous establishment of an effective infrastructure.

Envision the Future
In order to get an idea of the context of infrastructure, it is important to envision the infrastructure needs of the new produc,t understanding that things are subject to change. Within an Agile framework, this may be best served by implementing an iteration 0 approach that focuses on a high-level infrastructure model. The goal of infrastructure envisioning is to identify the initial scope of the infrastructure, access the feasibility of technologies, and then establish a reasonable go-forward direction. From here, it is important to understand that the while we have a reasonable go-forward direction, that we will continue to revisit the direction and adjust as appropriate.

Infrastructure Dependency on Architecture
Within some Agile frameworks, there are models that describe an iteration 0 or inception phase, where high-level envisioning of requirements, design, and architecture occur. These three engineering fields can help provide content to the infrastructure framework, but none more so than architecture. Architecture helps provide construction guidance for the infrastructure. This is particularly true since


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