Lean Development Principles for Branching and Merging


conflicts via a centralized web interface - this would allow conflicts to be resolved from pretty much anywhere and by anyone and would reduce the overhead.

There is some similarity with this situation and the centralized code review system which has been implemented by Guido van Rossum at Google [3].

Branching and merging are a key practice in Software Configuration Management, and many organizations do not get the best value out of these practices. Applying Lean Principles can make a significant difference to your effectiveness.

The principles, and indeed the mindset, are key factors - if you are aware and looking for possibilities to improve your process you will find them (and most of the time they will not be difficult to implement). If you don't look and just rely on your tools support, or individual developers or teams to address this area, you are missing out big time.

We are keen to learn of more examples of good practice - let us know and continue to share.


        • Google Code Review Process, Guido van Rossum

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