Lean Software Development: Leaning Against Perception


removing waste and reducing complexity in the organization are really what Agile methodologies are trying to implement at the lower level. Applying Lean thinking to any Software Development practice raises the question of ‘Am I really adding value by doing this?' - whatever ‘this' is.

This article focuses on only three Lean principles; cease inspections, defer commitment and knowledge sharing but by applying these on top of your current practices will give a better holistic view of how your project gains value for the organization and opens the door to the other Lean principle not covered here.

From the number of Lean topics at Software Conferences, articles , and blogs on the subject, the Lean movement is growing. I believe more projects will succeed by utilizing Lean principles. For anyone new to Lean, investigate beneath the surface as even expert groups are still discussing the most efficient ways to implement some of the principles - Lean is lean itself as it keeps evolving to find better practices. To modify a favorite quote "Why is anyone interested in these theories and ideas of management? Because they work!" 


About the Author

Richard Sharpe  has been working on software projects for 10 years as a Developer, Consultant and Manager, more recently focusing on improving software quality and process management in the Java industry. Rich has traveled around Europe and the US speaking at various Java User Groups as well as Javapolis and JavaOne on subjects regarding Java Performance issues, Managing Development Teams and Quality and Metrics Initiatives. Various articles have been authored for Websphere Advisor Magazine, JAX Mag (Germany), Agile Magazine and International Developer Magazine on these topics. Currently as a Director for Enerjy Software, he consults with customers on Quality Issues and hosts Enerjy.tv as part of the www.enerjy.com blog, interviewing various industry leaders on various Quality related topics.

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