Levels of an SCM Product Evaluation and their Associated Risk


The level of SCM product evaluation that is chosen and conducted may vary according to the available schedule, effort, resources, and level of technical expertise within the company. If an organization only wants to commit the minimal amount of time to evaluate an SCM product (aka, research evaluation), then the application owner, project manager, and/or SCM professional should communicate the risk that is associated with this level of SCM product evaluation. This is why it is important to understand the risks associated with each level of SCM product evaluation. Overall, an in-house/full evaluation is ideal since it minimizes the most risk and validates that the SCM product can actually met the requirements. The minimal evaluation level, IMHO, is the demonstration evaluation since the SCM product will be one of the more highly used products in the application lifecycle. It is important to at least know your SCM product requirements and view the SCM vendor products to compare against your requirements.


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