A Maestro’s Inspiration About Change

  1. dismissive of people’s loyalty or comfort with the status quo.
  2. Give people time and freedom to experiment and explore. I must confess that it is awkward having a good friend whose life’s work and fame is about creating music I don’t much care for. But, Michael has given me low-key opportunities to find things to appreciate with some notable successes.
  3. Discuss the small victories. My son recently gave me tickets to a concert that included a Shostakovich concerto for cello and orchestra. While I can’t say I enjoyed the music, I was able to appreciate the passion of the solo cellist and the incredible range of sounds she got from her instrument. (I think Michael found that encouraging.)

At my current rate of progress, it may be another twenty years before I truly enjoy some of my friend’s more contemporary music, but his patience and low-key attitude haven’t scared me off yet, and I continue to explore. From a change-management perspective, that is progress.

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Instead of having you load up with 20 cellophane wrapped CDs (that you might not even enjoy) why didn't he push you to just stream the music from a cloud on the internet? There might be advantages to doing it this way - less cost, less broken fingernails. Ofcourse you should have time and freedom to explore that there may be better and cheaper way to listen to music, so I will stay low-key.:)

June 29, 2011 - 3:59pm

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