Makefile Debugging: A introduction to remake


shown).   Typing h gives complete help information:

mdb<0> h

  Command                  Short Name  Aliases

  ----------------------   ----------  ---------

  break *target*                  (b)  L

  cd *dir*                        (C)

  comment *text*                  (#)

  continue                        (c)

  delete breakpoint numbers..     (d)

  down [amount]                   (D)

  eval *string*                   (e)

  examine *string*                (x)

  finish                          (F)

  frame *n*                       (f)

  help [command]                  (h)  ?, ??

  info [thing]                    (i)

  next [amount]                   (n)

  print {*variable* [attrs...]}   (p)

  Print working directory         (P)

  quit [exit-status]              (q)  exit, return

  run                             (R)  restart

  set {*option*|variable} *value* (=)

  setq *variable* *value*         (")

  shell *string*                  (!)  !!

  show [thing]                    (S)

  skip                            (k)

  step [amount]                   (s)

  target                          (t)

  up [amount]                     (u)

  where                           (T)  backtrace, bt

  write [*target* [*filename*]]   (w)

Readline command line editing (emacs/vi mode) is available.

For more detailed help, type h <cmd> or consult online-documentation.


Since we are debugging the touch problem we'll just continue by single stepping with s:

mdb<0> s


foo: bar

mdb<0> s

   /home/jgc/Makefile:4 File `foo' does not exist.


foo: bar

mdb<1> s



mdb<2> s

     /home/jgc/Makefile:7       File `bar' does not exist.



mdb<3> s

    /home/jgc/Makefile:7        Must remake target `bar'.



mdb<4> s



mdb<5> s


touch -x bar


+ touch -x bar

touch: invalid option -- x

Try `touch --help' for more information.

Makefile:8: *** [bar] Error 1

#0  bar at /home/jgc/Makefile:8

#1  foo at /home/jgc/Makefile:4

#2  all at /home/jgc/Makefile:2

***Entering debugger because we encountered a fatal error.

***Exiting the debugger will exit make with exit code 1.




Whilst in the debugger I can fix the error in the Makefile and then hit R to restart.  Now things work correctly:

mdb<0> R

Changing directory to /home/jgc and restarting...

Reading makefiles...

Updating makefiles....

Updating goal targets....

 /home/jgc/Makefile:2   File `all' does not exist.


all: foo bar baz

mdb<0> c

   /home/jgc/Makefile:4 File `foo' does not exist.

     /home/jgc/Makefile:7       File `bar' does not exist.

    /home/jgc/Makefile:7        Must remake target `bar'.

+ touch bar

    /home/jgc/Makefile:7        Successfully remade target file `bar'.

  /home/jgc/Makefile:4  Must remake target `foo'.

+ touch foo

  /home/jgc/Makefile:4  Successfully remade target

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