Making Agile Mainstream–Crossing the Chasm


need to avoid non-productive work to "show you did it." IBM Rational's experience shows that automation can allow necessary book keeping to be done so audits are passed with no or limited extra work.

Agile development will have to overcome many hurdles to become mainstream, but I expect tremendous progress in 2007. Leading systems integrators and vendors are investing in agile development, consolidation may happen in a scattered agile process landscape enabled by EPF, and agile transformations are hopefully increasingly presented as a journey rather than an “all-or-nothing" strategy. Tools specifically built for agile development are emerging. Much work is left to do in the areas of compliance, support for large-scale agile development, and geographically distributed development, but here also we see emerging practices and supporting infrastructures that will help making agile development mainstream. All in all, there is good hope that 2007 will prove to be a year where agile development is crossing the chasm and reaching mainstream development organizations.

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