Managing Successful Agile Build Management Teams


While managing an Engineering Services team has its own challenges and constraints, introducing scrum is relatively straightforward. Issues will continue to develop, last minute features and bug-fixes will always be needed; but in the end, the sprint construct has freed up my team, enabling them to deliver higher quality products and infrastructure. The biggest key was training and coaching, it's what helped us get to the point we're at today.


About the Author

Chayim Kirshen is the Manager of Engineering Services at PlateSpin, a Division of Novell Inc.. As an experienced professional with over a decade of experience, his prior engagements have included the Telecommunications, Financial, Healthcare, and Education sectors. Chayim manages a combined build and release engineering team, planning and developing with a SCRUM evelopment process. He loves GNU Make, NAnt, and breathes python and revision control systems. Chayim can be contacted through his website,, or [email protected] .

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