Manual Testing Tools with Naysawn Naderi

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For example, in Test Professional when a tester creates a bug, not only are we able to make it extremely rich (complete with video information, a readable log of the actions that took place in the application under test, links to the test case that caused it, and intellitrace logs), but also we are able to present it to developers in an actionable way, where they can immediately jump to the line of code that failed. We feel that if developers are presented with bugs that are irrefutable to reject, they will fix them, and the state of application quality will improve. Further, when the developers fix the bug, they may change some of the lines of code, which will cause some tests that previously passed now to now fail. To check against this, Test Professional tracks the lines of code your tests cover and recommends that testers rerun the test cases that cover the code that has changed from build to build.

Third, manual testers need a tool that will provide them with a workflow of going from a manual test to an automated test to a test which is run as a part of a build process. Happily, this is a gap which Test Professional also fills via introducing the concept of a recording strip to manual testers. In Test Professional, we allow manual testers automatically to capture a recording strip while testing manually. This recording strip can be leveraged to fast forward through the uninteresting portions of the UI if the test is run again manually, but it can also be leveraged by an automation engineer to be converted into a .NET-coded UI test in Visual Studio. Once converted, a tester can add validation, check in code, and have the new automated test run as a part of the build process.

We feel that this solution should help to address many of the issues that have plagued manual testers for decades.

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