Merging Waterfall and Agile: Across the Seven Seas


a difference and an incredible team experience that years later some of us still have very fond memories of.

Test driven development  – Our development team was required to create unit test plans prior to starting development. This was a new concept to the team members, who would rather have jumped into coding. While the offsite development leads oversaw the process, the onsite team had visibility into the repository where all work products were saved. The developers reviewed the use cases/design and created unit test plans that were reviewed by their leads prior to starting development. This was especially beneficial for junior developers who had little business background.

While technologies and processes have improved significantly since 2002, the above experiences reflect adaptations of a larger Agile philosophy to a specific project instance. And while some schools of thought may posit that Agile should only be applied in its entirety, we think teams have the potential to realize delivery efficiencies by implementing a subset of Agile tenets that are prudent and relevant. We leave it to you to judge our Agile maturity. The key, we believe, lies in solving business problems using the best possible tools for your individual situation. In our story, our release was a resounding success. We delivered a great quality solution within aggressive timelines and budgets. Our Agile story may be different then your Agile story and we think that's fine, or as Thomas Harris would say, I'm OK - You're OK.

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Harish Gopalani is a PMP with over 18 years of application development background and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He currently works with Nationwide Insurance and has diverse implementation experience which ranges from developing mainframe, client server and J2EE solutions and implementing products such as SAP and CODA. Harish is based in Columbus, Ohio and can be contacted at [email protected]

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