Metrics and Process Maturity


Summing Up
Anyone know what my average article length is. Or the number of points I make in each. How does that compare to the other articles in this journal?

Who cares? Well, as a writer I may need to pay some attention to the article complexity. On the other hand, my audience is dealing with one of the more complex management applications.

It's easy to look at all sorts of numbers. It's interesting. There is a need to focus. Go through the metrics above. Go through the guidelines. Select the ones that are most important and try them on for size. Select 3 or 4 metrics to go public with.  Post them on your bulletin board, in your WAR room, on your internal web site and see what happens. It's a great way to get the process improvement focus geared up. While you're at it, add some of these points to your CM tool requirements.

I didn't really want to give you a detailed metrics road map in this article. Just wanted to get you thinking so that when you're stuffed with turkey and ham, your mind has something to work on. Better yet, have a Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah!

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