More Reliable Software Faster and Cheaper

How Software Reliability Engineering Can Help Testers

and 5 of the Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model.

The cost of implementing SRE is small. There is an investment cost of not more than three equivalent staff days per person in an organization, which includes a two-day course for everyone and planning with a much smaller number. The operating cost over the project lifecycle typically varies from 0.1 to 3 percent of total project cost. The schedule impact of SRE is minimal, since most SRE activities involve only a small effort that can parallel other software development work. The only significant critical path activity is two days of training.

If you apply SRE in all the software-based products you test, you will be controlling the process rather than it controlling you. You will find that you can be confident of the reliability and availability of the products you release. At the same time, you will deliver
them in minimum time and cost for those levels of reliability and availability. You will have maximized your efficiency in satisfying your customers' needs. This is a vital skill to possess if you are to be competitive in today's marketplace.

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