Not Ready for Agile? Start Your Journey with Release Trains


Release Trains May Allow You to Start Your Agile Journey
If you are one of those teams considering how to start an agile journey, you may want to start with release trains. You can use the heartbeat of the iterations to force yourself to release your product to your customers on a regular basis. Your internal and external promises of working product to your customer may be just the nudge you need to try something more agile than you have been using before.

A note of caution: You may discover that an iteration of twelve weeks is too long and that you need to move to a much shorter, internal timebox for features of, say, two to three weeks to actually achieve working software. Don’t be afraid to use timeboxes inside your trains to achieve the results you need. What matters is that you are able to release working product on your release date so that your trains run on time.

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