Our Individual Role in Raising the Quality Status Quo

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a quality transformation of yourself and the culture.
It is up to each of us to consider quality on a daily basis and take steps, small or large, to transform ourselves, our roles in quality, and ultimately the culture to work toward, attain, and maintain quality processes, products, and services that will benefit our clients and ourselves. Quality won’t happen without each of us understanding and doing our part.

In summary, I believe that for quality to occur we must each become and remain cognizant of our role in achieving it. We can actively and proactively work towards achieving that goal while recognizing that the goal is never fully achieved but is an ongoing process. Our vigilance in attending to quality processes and products is an ever-challenging and worthwhile part of our daily lives. Our attention to quality not only raises the status quo, our consciousness, and the standards by which we perceive and measure the level of quality, but also gives us more satisfaction in knowing we are doing our part in achieving quality and making a difference in our corner of the world for our clients as well as for our neighbors and ourselves.

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