Pair Programming - Is it just pushing up developer rates and doubling demand?


to dramatically increase quality, have a more productive, happier development team and reduce risk on your projects, find two amenable developers and give pair programming a try.

About the Author

Richard Stobart is managing director and founder of Unboxed Consulting, a UK-based consultancy formed in 2005 that specialises in the use of agile methodologies and Ruby on Rails. He formed the company to be all the things that working for others wasn’t and has a career in software development spanning 18 years, working on mainly large enterprise systems across a number of markets including logistics, media and finance.

About Unboxed Consulting

Formed in 2005, Unboxed Consulting is a UK software development consultancy producing exciting consumer and business facing applications for some of the largest brands in the UK across sectors as diverse as new media and financial services. It specialises in Ruby on Rails and uses the latest Agile development methodologies to inspire customers and development teams to bring creativity and innovation to every project large or small.

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