Personal Agility for More Potent Agile Adoption


several years of successful development using lightweight practices and methods to deliver working software that met the users' needs. The Agile Manifesto can be seen as a set of observations and principles that have been found to be a common thread in writing successful software.

Personal Agility brings back the focus on individuals. Individual responsibility is the bedrock of Personal Agility. Without team members being responsible, there is little chance for Agile development practices (or any practices) to have a significant positive effect upon a teams effectiveness.
Observe teams at your organization. Which ones are most successful? Do their team members act from responsibility? We expect you will be able to validate what we have presented here with your own teams.

About the authors
Amr Elssamadisy is a Principal Consultant with Valtech, where he helps clients build better software using the latest technologies and, of course, adopting and adapting Agile practices. As a software practitioner, he plays multiple roles on different teams including coach, instructor, developer, architect, tech-lead, Scrum master, and project manager. He is also author of Patterns of Agile Practice Adoption: The Technical Cluster which guides the reader in crafting and implementing an Agile adoption strategy.

Ashley Johnson is VP of Business Planning and Strategy for Valtech Skill Development, an organization focused on guiding clients to successfully adopt modern development processes and technologies. In this role, his time is split between refining new service offerings and consulting with senior IT management to facilitate organizational optimization. Ashley is passionate about applying lean and agile techniques, and using simple metrics to improve visibility and eliminate waste. He has taught, coached, and consulted with thousands of individuals and is an acclaimed presenter. Ashley began developing hardware and embedded software in the early 1980's when he couldn't understand why people would pay him to have so much fun. Under pressure to get a life, he learned to enjoy backpacking, skiing, scuba diving, and radio control soaring. These hobbies are now eclipsed by his wonderful children.

[i] See the research of Christopher Avery and Bill McCarley . According to them, this instinctive response crosses age, gender, and race.

[ii] To read more about the Responsibility Process Model and its effect on teams, we refer you to Teamwork is an Individual Skill by Christopher Avery.

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