Philosophical Questions for the Software Tester


Free Will / Predetermination

·                     Do people have free will to make choices in life?

·                     If so, can a tester choose to find a bug?

·                     Can a tester choose not to find bugs?

·                     Can developers choose to create or not to create bugs?

·                     Is software testing an active or passive activity?

·                     Do people's moods or emotions play a role in software quality? If so, how?

·                     Can a tester control his actions so that he is more prone to finding bugs?

·                     Is life predetermined, and if so, is software quality predetermined? By whom?

·                     Is software quality predetermined by Process?

·                     Is software quality predetermined by Management?

·                     If everything, including software quality, is predetermined, what's the use of testing?

·                     If well-meaning developers have total free will over their actions, then why do they make mistakes?

·                     Are testing results predetermined?

·                     There are “x” number of bugs in an application, some will be discovered and some will not. Are we meant to discover the bugs that we did find? Are we meant not to discover the ones that we did not find?


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