Philosophical Questions for the Software Tester


Release Decisions

·                     Who should set due dates for projects?

·                     When should software be released?

·                     Who decides when software is released?

·                     What role does QA or Testing have in the release process?

·                     What role should it have?

·                     Other quandaries

·                     Is "process" the answer to everything?

·                     Does process always work?

·                     What about the U.S. national election in 2000? Did that process work?

·                     Do you remember Ford Motor Company's slogan "Quality is job 1"? Was it really job 1?

·                     Why are there so many automotive recalls?

·                     On 15 August 1965 the Beatles played the first concert ever to take place in an outdoor arena at Shea Stadium in New York in front of 55,000 screaming fans. However, they showed up with a sound system fit for a high school gym. As a result, not only could the fans not hear anything, but the band members couldn't even hear themselves play. I would call this a defective concert, yet it is one of the most famous rock concerts in history. Is there anything we can learn from this as software testers? It would be interesting to learn whether the sound engineers reviewed their sound system requirements, and if so, what went wrong?


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