Planning Projects for Enterprise CM


with, who because of their own priorities (CM is not number 1!) find it easy to constantly lower the priority of CM related tasks.  Having regular meetings and a visible presence will help a lot.

Here are some real, anonymous, results from clients I’ve worked with that show how enterprise projects can proceed and be or not be successful depending on your goals.  A word of warning, the definition of “application” can vary from organization to organization.  The companies below generally applied more resources, had a positive corporate culture for change and had significant management commitment behind them than those that were less successful.  Thanks to all the people who helped with this article, but for whom we did not get prior approval to mention by name.

  • 150+ small to very large apps in version, build and deployment control in 4 years in a Agile like SCM environment
  • 10 large apps under version, build and deployment control in 1 year in a fragmented, conservative organization
  • 450 mostly small applications including commercial desktop software under version and deployment control in a year and a half.  Agile-like SCM.
  • 500 apps under centralized version control in one and a half years.

Sean Blanton is Director of Consulting for Catalyst Systems Corporation. Sean has been with Catalyst for 6 years as a distributed platforms change and configuration management consultant and as a developer, trainer and product contributor for Openmake. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Chicago and a B.S. from Columbia University.  

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