The Power of Play

How Educational Games Accelerate Learning and Bring About Enduring Change

together, reflected together and learned together. What’s the greatest testimonial to the effectiveness of learning games? ”Thank you for the course,” Uma said. “I didn’t fall asleep once. In fact, I stayed awake because I didn’t want to miss one bit of it.” If that’s how Uma defines successful learning then that makes us all winners.

Recommended Learning Game Resources

Collection of games on Lean, Agile, Process Improvement and Personal Development to help individuals and organizations deliver more value

Rediscovering the lessons we learned as children but have since forgotten for personal development through storytelling, role-play and interactive games

Games for software professionals involved in project management, process management and much more

Games to help companies improve business performance through collaborative and cooperative play

About the Autho r
Portia Tung specializes in Agile Enablementand organizational change as a Consultant-Coach and Chief Strategy Officer of emergn. She builds effective and meaningful teams by pragmatically applyingLean and Agile Values, Principles and Practices.

She has had a number of roles over the years, ranging from Java developer to technical team lead. She works in a multi-disciplined capacity to enable organizations to deliver higher business value faster by tapping into the power of teams.

Portia is also the creator of Agile Fairytales , a series of learning games that help adults rediscover the lessons we learned as children but have since forgotten. Portia loves inventing and playing games because she believes we can all improve continuously through play to achieve our goals .

twitter: portiatung


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