Predicting the ROI of Change

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activities–instead of using a broad brush or shotgun approach.

PSIM offers a company a way to gain control of its processes. For example, tools can be inserted in specific places in specific parts of the process–or tools can be used under specific project conditions. As Dr. Raffo says, "PSIM provides a handle on metrics and gives added business value. More software manufacturers and companies are turning to PSIM to support achieving higher CMMI levels or to support their Six Sigma activities".

In addition, PSIM can be used to evaluate the number of sites a company may want to possess and determine if all of these sites are economically feasible. Other benefits of PSIM include assessing the cost of new tools and technology and planning a company’s processes.

PSIM is truly an educational software tool, and these models can be tailored to suit an organization or a specific project. An organization simply only needs to look at the data to discover the impact on a particular project. PSIM can be used to process simulation to bring your lessons learned to life. "The whole idea is to see the impact that changes to the process have on project performance. We learned this lesson on one project. Here is what will happen if we apply it to your project," says Dr. Raffo. One of the important facts about process simulation is to realize that ideas that work well for a group in one division–may or may not work on the processes in another division of the company. Using PSIM, employees can see the impact if the same change is made on their own project. That’s true business value".

The Time is Now
Dr. Raffo believes that the time for PSIM technology is the present. "PSIM is the perfect fit for organizations that want to improve process planning, speed technology adoption, optimize process improvement, step up to quantitative project management and move to the higher levels of CMMI."

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