PRINCE2 and Agility: Gearing for Balance


business scenarios. Helps define test scenarios. Assists in execution of important tests.

Project Assurance

Technical Co-ordinator

Ensures adherence to best practices

Quality Assurance

Technical Co-ordinator

Makes sure non-functional requirements are met

Senior Supplier

Team Leader

Oversees and co-ordinates supplier work.

Table 2


Conclusion, and the future

Agile Methods are often considered to be incompatible with high levels of process rigor. This perception has been encouraged in part by a misunderstanding of the terms of the Agile Manifesto, and partly by the assumption that Agility and rigor exist at opposite ends of a methodological spectrum. Such views are commonly held by Agile supporters and detractors alike.

In the past it has proven difficult to accommodate both approaches simultaneously, and technical and cultural obstacles to progress have been encountered. However, Codeworks DEV have shown that by adopting a standards-based approach with clear process mappings, and by leveraging tool support along with clear roles and responsibilities, it is possible to obtain a balance between prescriptive and emergent development approaches.

At a technical level, our next steps are to re-skin DEV Folio’s UI layer to accommodate early results from usability testing. We are also exploring integration points with Basecamp and with third party scheduling tools. We also plan to extend the coverage of DEV Folio and the supporting methodology across the public sector, and to make the transition into larger corporate in the near future. We expect that “brownfield projects”, where transfer is complicated by existing processes that are neither highly prescriptive nor particularly Agile, will present new challenges. However we are quite confident that the DEV Methodology - and the configurability of DEV Folio - will prove fit for purpose and allow us to master these situations.


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