Principles for managing a Scrum-based Agile Program

By Anonymous - July 7, 2009

it is relatively easier to implement an agile delivery model for smaller projects with teams co-located, it is a myth that agile cannot work for larger programs with teams separated by geographic boundaries. We are in a “flat world” era and have successfully established onshore-offshore global delivery models enabled by tools and technologies. Collaboration can still be effectively achieved, which is one of the key requirements for Agile delivery.

Agile can be implemented effectively by using best practices, supported by a self motivated team under the able leadership of a dynamic leader with a clear steer from the business. I would like to conclude by saying “Agile is not fragile” and the best way to find out how solidly it works is to actually try it.


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Asha Anil Kumar has over 14 years of experience in the IT industry and is currently working with Infosys technologies Ltd. as a Senior Consultant.  Program management being her core strength, she has successfully managed large programs while aligning them with agile methods for the UK's leading telecom provider for more than 4 years plus managing various other customer engagements in the past. She also has more than 25 international certifications to her credit ranging from the areas of project management to ITIL to technical certifications.

About the author

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