Project Negotiations and the Iron Triangle


or not you think your schedule is credible and if it can be safely accelerated. What are the potential quality trade-offs of acceleration? Can additional resources be meaningfully applied to your project? If resources are tight or quality is important, you might want to suggest that the current schedule is the best course of action for this project.

Everybody Wins
Negotiation is a process that searches for a way to satisfy people who have competing needs. While some people frame negotiation as a power struggle or competition, it is often helpful to reframe negotiation as a problem?solving exercise that seeks the best available solution. Constructive negotiation requires that you understand what is motivating the parties involved and identify what can be traded. Project negotiations usually involve trade-offs among schedule, scope, and resources. Develop your negotiation skills by keeping the other party and your best interests in mind and you may find it easier to negotiate "win/win" solutions.

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