A Psychology Framework That Will Help You Implement CM Practices


In her Personality Matters series, Leslie Sachs examines the personalities and people issues that are found in technology groups from cross-functional, high-performance teams to dysfunctional matrix organizations.

symptoms of OCD is actually an asset in certain lines of work. This is often the case when an organization needs to implement standards & frameworks. Whereas the creative free spirit types will chafe at the thought that they must meet what they feel are confining regulations, the technology professionals with a preference for rules & orderliness often will be the strongest supporters of a manager’s plan to implement Standards and Frameworks. They just need to be coached and closely supervised so that their natural zeal does not annoy & overwhelm others. A CM improvement effort is certainly more likely to succeed if it flows smoothly rather than having the participants feel as if they have been run over by a steamroller!

The People Side of CM
Understanding the people side of CM will help you be more effective in implementing industry standards and frameworks. The five critical personality factors measured by the OCEAN model can serve as a guideline to identifying people in your organization who are most likely to be good team players. Seeking out the cooperation of those who are more naturally receptive to incorporating new ideas will put you in a stronger position to influence those who are more resistant.

Standards and frameworks can help make a good organization even better. In addition to the increased efficiency & productivity that adherence to set guidelines often provides, many organizations are required by law to follow them. Yet another motivation is that such compliance connotes high standards and a demonstrable commitment to corporate responsibility and citizenship. Appreciating which personality matters impact the implementation of standards & frameworks and how these factors interact will give the knowledgeable CM manager a distinct advantage.

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