QA Management: All Bark and No Bite?


Not only is he superb reviewer—Max tends to be used as a form of a rubber-duck reviewer—he is also ISTQB certified as a result of being snuck into an exam room by one of our testing pranksters. (I suspect someone took the test for him, to be honest.)


Figure 3. German Shepherds Are the Ultimate Rubber Duck Reviewers

When you think about what a QA manager does—keeping people on task, handing out assignments, and following up with team members—doesn’t a German Shepard fit that role pretty well by shepherding people into rooms and getting them to talk to each other?

Of course, this isn’t something that’ll work for just anyone. Most of all this calls for mature leadership, because believe me (as the developers have joked), you can come in every day and bring the team coffee and breakfast, but you’ll still never be as popular as your German Shepherd. What we've found through Max is that the secret to making your agile team work (especially when dispersed) is to find something, even if it's a rescue dog you sneak into the building, that your team can build an identity and gel around. What's your German Shepherd?

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Greg Paskal's picture

Mike, great article and I really enjoyed learning about Max. You've giving me something to think about today regarding bringing a team together.

All the best,

April 2, 2014 - 8:51am
Linda Rising's picture

I love this story! There is research behind your observation that dogs in the workplace help us work more effectively. Many companies allow employees to bring dogs to work. Of course, if there are folks who are allergic or if the dog is not well-behaved, that's different, but otherwise, it's a wonderful idea. Now, to see some research on cats and birds and hamsters and...

Thanks for sharing!

April 6, 2014 - 10:21am

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