Quality in Assuring Quality

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Design, Framework Design
Coding: Recording, Checkpoints, writing/modifying the code
Testing: White-Box testing is recommended!

Changes in AUT:
Make a list of all the changes the developer has made to the build, before starting over one more round of regression testing, especially changes made to the GUI. That will help you change your automated test scripts too, and you can save yourself from test failures due to changes in the AUT.

You can use your time saved by effective automation, to more extensively test the AUT.

Automated Tool:
Try to be modestly perfect with the automated testing tool before you start recording the tests. Having a clear idea about what the tool can or cannot do, saves lot of your time and effort. Keep the contact details of the technical support of the tool handy. You need not wait till you get into problem, to clarify your doubts with the technical support of the tool. You need not even wait to inform the bugs you came across in the automated tool itself!

Quality Assurance:
Though the duties of the various team members of a project are different, they all aim the same thing, i.e., the quality of the product, ensuring which, is the sole and whole duty of a QA Engineer.

That is why it is a job that requires qualitative rather than qualified people. It is Quality Assurance.

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