Reaching the Peak of CMMI: How Fast Can You Climb?

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  1. their expectations and follow through on them.
  2. Communication of all process improvement efforts is vital. Increase everyone’s awareness of your process improvement efforts. Let everyone know who is on the SEPG and their roles. Provide feedback on the results of submitted improvement proposals. The greater the visibility of your process improvements efforts, the greater the buy-in from the practitioners.
  3. Encourage and engender process improvement as a life style. Everyone should feel personal ownership of process improvement.
  4. And by all means have fun with your process improvement program. Pick a metaphor such as golf, baseball, or football and embrace it in every activity. Have an opening day ceremony. Play silly games integrating the metaphor with your efforts. Hand out little reminders, gifts, and rewards. Though this suggestion may sound dumb, it does have a positive effect

It is possible to rapidly implement the CMMI and still comply with the expectations of each of the High Maturity Specific Practices. When you commit yourself to a rapid rise, it means focusing on the goal, providing dedicated and committed resources, leveraging the success of others, learning from your mistakes, and having strong management support throughout the chain of command.

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