SCM Design Patterns: Build and Deployment

Part 3

variables (State to pull CIs from for the build and the target directory where the build will take place). A build/deployment tool must also be present. It must be able to invoke the mass check-out function as well as control the manipulation of CIs, execution of the compile, bundling up of CIs, deployment of CIs, cleanup of any CIs that are left over from the compile and logging of all these activities. This set of functions represents some of the more advanced features of SCM and Build Management tools available today.

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Jim Johnston has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. He has held multiple positions including CAD/CAM programming, applications integration coordinator, manager of a application launch center for testing and integration verification of PC applications, and testing architect for major web systems. Jim has been involved with SCM for over 6 years primarily in the areas of enterprise web applications, retail web sites, SCM process development and J2EE build and deployment methodologies. 

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