The Search for the Agile Grail

  1. as an Agile "Bootcamp."
  2. Choose your Agile team carefully. If the people you choose to be involved aren't interested in or prepared for the intense collaboration that Agile demands, the likelihood of success is very limited and it is going to be a big struggle. You need to construct project teams with motivated individuals. Address the nay sayers by demonstrating early successes.
  3. The primary objective of any project is to satisfy the business and customer needs through early and continuous delivery of systems functionality. This remains the case in Agile efforts. To do this, business people and technologists must work close, collaborative effort throughout the project. This is not a collaborative workshop and then you break out and get back together a week or more later.

Is Agile for you? You never know for sure unless you try it. Celebrate your successes and learn from your failures. It is a process moving from a traditional methodology to an Agile method not an event. Invest in training, coaching, hand-holding and knowledge transfer. You need to beware of the "pocket veto," recognize it and deal with it as early on in the project as possible. Many people resist change and while on the surface they may appear to support Agile, behind closed doors that can be influential saboteurs. Some people love to learn and try new things, while other finds it nerve racking. Keep in mind those who know and understand Agile are the benefactors and those who don't feel their value to the organization has been diminished. Agile is difficult and risky but so is just about everything else. There is no checklist anyone can give you that will guarantee success. 

About the Author
Kevin Coleman is a Certified Management Consultant that specializes in driving strategic value through the creative application of technology. He is a fifteen year industry veteran hailing from consulting institutions such as Deloitte amp; Touche, Computer Sciences Corporation and Netscape. He is a strategic advisor to multiple organizations consulting on accelerating the value of technology as well as managing strategic initiatives for senior management. He has contributed two chapters to the Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology and published over a dozen articles.


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