Seeding the Agile Product Owner in the Enterprise

The Product Owner in the Agile Enterprise: Part III

of user stories and acceptance tests (which is still a major "cheese moving" event for us).

Series Summary
In summary, an agile implementation will be no more effective than the enterprise is at filling the critical Product Owner role with people who have the right mix of skills and interests to help agile teams reach their full, productive potential.

In this three part series, we've described first, why the enterprise must take a nuanced approach that empowers both agile product managers and product owners to distinctive roles; secondly, the attributes and responsibilities of the agile Product Owner in the Enterprise; and now finally, how and where the enterprise can find the talent to fill this critical, transforming role.

Accomplishing this successfully is one key to unlocking the full quality, productivity and time-to-market benefits of the increasingly agile enterprise.

About the Author:  Dean Leffingwell is an entrepreneur, executive, consultant and technical author who provides product strategy and enterprise-scale agility coaching to large software enterprises. Mr. Leffingwell has served as chief methodologist to Rally Software and formerly served as Vice President of Rational Software, now IBM's Rational Division, where he was responsible for the RUP. He was also the founder and CEO of Requisite, Inc., makers of RequisitePro. His latest book is Scaling Software Agility : Best Practices for Large Enterprise and heis also the lead author of the text: Managing Software Requirements : First and Second Editions , both from Addison-Wesley. He can be reached through his blog at


Leffingwell, Dean. Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises . New York: Addison Wesley Professional, 2007.

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