Setting up Subversion Environment


Tortoise GUI. Right-click somewhere in Windows Explorer, select TortoiseSVN->Repo-browser and enter the repository URL (l ocalhost/repos/sandbox/). The repository browser will appear showing the empty repository. Right-click the root node, select 'Create folder...', enter 'serious' and then 'Creating the serious folder' as the commit message. In the next window type in the credentials (you can tell Tortoise to remember them) and voila, the new folder is created. Now right-click the root node and choose 'Show log' - you will see the information about the commit you just made.

This was the final exercise in this part of the series. You can now start playing around with your repository using TortoiseSVN or the command line clients (svn and svnadmin). The documentation that came with Subversion (remember the icon on your desktop) and TortoiseSVN can help you. Or you can wait for the next part of this Subversion series, which will bring the guided tour through the most frequent Subversion use cases.

Is this all?
For those, who are eager to install something more, this last section provides the brief listing of other clients and useful tools for Subversion. The following list does not aim to be complete - there are many more SVN tools available these days. It's just the selection of free tools, which I consider to be representative in some way, or which attracted my attention by some nice features.

Other Clients
RapidSVN - cross platform GUI client written in C++ - SmartSVN - cross platform GUI client written in Java -

IDE Integrations
Some IDEs, like IntelliJ IDEA or Borland JBuilder have the Subversion support built-in. For others, like Eclipse or MS Visual Studio, there are external plugins, which provide SVN integration.

Subversive - plugin for Eclipse -

Subclipse - another plugin for Eclipse -

AnkhSVN - addin for MS Visual Studio -

Web Interfaces
SVN Web Client - web interface for browsing repository content and doing simple modifications, written in Java -

Other projects
FastTrack - Issue Tracker plugin for Eclipse, which stores data in SVN - JavaSVN


Subversion -
Apache HTTP Server -
TortoiseSVN -

Michal Dobisek is Software Architect at Polarion Software GmbH ( ( He has experience with CVS, Perforce and Subversion. He has two years experience in using, administering and tweaking Subversion. He holds a Masters degree in Cybernetics from Gerstner Laboratory of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

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