The Shiny New Agile Architect


the ivory tower for architects has been shaken. The new breed of architects called Agile Architects is stepping up, working, and contributing to the team. They are truly living by the Toyota Principle #12 which says " Go and see for yourself to thoroughly understand the situation. " They are first class citizens of the development team and they do not work for the team but work within the team. Thus, to qualify as an Agile Architect one needs maturity, experience, and above all the capability to juggle various important traits while working within the development team.

Do you have an Agile Architect on your team yet?

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Vikas Hazrati has over 10 years of experience as a developer, technical architect, and project manager working on various enterprise applications for Finance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Government clients. Currently he is working as a Principal Consultant with Xebia, which is a specialist software house devoted to enterprise Java architecture, middleware, portal, and integration technologies. Vikas has been involved in setting up Agile-based effective and efficient development processes and environments in various organizations. He is a regular presenter at agile conferences in India and actively blogs about process and technology. His current interests include evaluating tools and techniques for effectively applying agile in distributed teams.

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