The Six Million Dollar Automator


Run Farther and Faster
The following embedded automation parts will help the software test automator ensure the automated tests run as far and as fast as possible:

  • Programming Concepts: Whether you use a tool with a scripting language, tree structure, or keywords, fundamental programming concepts such as variables, control flow statements, and modularity remain paramount in effectively automating tests and increasing the distance tests can reach through increased system coverage and test flexibility.
  • Exception Handling: This category addresses the production of exception-handling routines that allow your automated tests to continue running after an unexpected occurrence. Without proper exception handling, test automation loses many of its timesaving benefits. In addition, lack of proper exception handling can negatively affect the speed at which the test suite runs.
  • Automated Test Analysis and Reporting: Test reporting and analysis is a repetitive process, yet can be extremely time consuming. This category addresses what types of reports should be generated and how to effectively produce them to save time in analysis and reporting.

Crush Items that Are Normally Impossible to Break
Preventing and solving test automation problems are fundamental skills that test automators often lack. These automation bionics provide the ability to crush issues that normal test automators can't even bend.

  • Automation Objects: Objects are central to automating applications; if the tool or script can't access objects, the application can't be automated. Many automation issues and failures result from a lack of proper understanding of objects and object behavior. This category addresses key object terminology (object maps, models, and properties) and the understanding of object dynamics.
  • Debugging Techniques: Regardless of how well automated tests are designed and created, problems will occur. Sometimes they're related to the scripts and sometimes the application, but finding the root cause is not always simple. The inability to debug scripts can delay schedules or bring automation to a halt. This category addresses techniques such as backtracking and problem simplification, which aid in identifying and resolving automation errors.

With the ABOK, IT organizations will be better equipped to identify qualified automation resources and to offer their resources the benefit of a real automation career development track. Automators may improve their skills and better market themselves to organizations of interest, even without access to the current fad tool. These automation bionics make the test automator stronger, smarter, faster, and ready to take the world of software quality engineering to new heights.


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