Six Steps for Implementing Agile across the Organization


In Retrospect
So, in retrospect, I should have done things the other way around. Despite the empirical evidence in the VersionOne survey that shows that agile software projects are successful and result in higher ROI than traditional projects, it is very hard to implement agile in an organization with only a top-down approach. You need total buy-in from the organization and a competent team. This can’t be accomplished in six months, so we need early buy-in from the shareholders on the agile investment.

A final piece of advice from me as a manager to you as a manager: Do not try agile if you can’t take the heat and the investment. Go with the second best—just copy others. Stay floating with your nose over the surface, but do not swim. Make your competitors take the risks, and learn from their mistakes. But if you are just a little bit curious, I recommend you order new business cards without a title and go and sit with the team.

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Ravi Kikan's picture

Thanks Ova,,,,Great article…

How do you propose an auto major should explore creating an Agile Organization ?

Any tips or advises ?

July 3, 2015 - 5:01am

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