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Teamwork When There Is a Lack of Control
You will find that some members of your team are better than others at demonstrating leadership in the face of complexity. Make sure that you balance your teams with not only regard to technical competence but also sensitivity to  personalities. You need to have some people who will help provide the synergy for effective teamwork even when there is a lack of control.

Leadership for Managing Complexity
Some technology leaders truly shine in the face of challenge. When managing development in the cloud or newly emerging platforms such as mobile devices, management complexity must be your primary task. True leaders thrive on this type of challenge. They also create environments where learning can impact the entire lifecycle development effort.

Retrospectives for Learning and Improving
Agile retrospectives are a very effective process improvement methodology in which the team meets to discuss what went well and what needs to be improved. Agile retrospectives [4] provide an excellent opportunity for team members to meet and discuss what went well and what needs to be improved.  Some people find this introspection therapeutic and readily embrace the opportunity. Others find it uncomfortable to open up about mistakes and accept feedback from others. Too often, these sessions degenerate into finger pointing and name calling. Team leaders play a vital role in setting the right tone so that retrospectives can be effective and fruitful.

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