Software Testing in an Agile Environment


solutions. Current users range from small software development shops to major multinationals, including Cargill Global Financial Solutions, Circuit City Stores, Pfizer Pharmaceutical (Ireland), DHL, Coca-Cola, Skandia and hundreds of others.

Original Software operates central offices near Chicago and London. Their solutions can be obtained through these offices or through a network of qualified and knowledgeable business partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Australasia and the Americas.

The company's TestDrive solution is ideally suited to complement the test-driven approach familiar to agile developers. Because of the code-free scripting and the self-healing script capabilities, companies are finding that TestDrive's tolerance to change enables it to be introduced far earlier in the delivery cycle than a traditional automation tool. TestDrive's assisted manual testing can be used by developers as soon as they have the user interface available. 

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