Software Testing: An Insider's View

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of the code and hence mostly the unit test cases are written and verified by the development team. The aim of both type of testing is to uncover faults/bugs in the given application. It is always good if you get an opportunity to have a peer review from the senior developer team members like PM or the Module lead. Also it is the high time when you can trace your System Test Cases with the RS Document, what we call the traceability matrix, which helps you in covering full functionality of application during testing.

Now once the coding is ready, developers goes for the Unit level testing and then we as a Testing experts start the System testing phase which is nothing but validating the application against the Client requirement. Once you find the bugs in this cycle please ensure that you are logging these bugs in the defect tracking system, which can be seen by the development team and they can fix the bugs. Here you can use, defect tracking tools, some are freely available. I always found that the use of defect tracking tool helps you in tracking the status of a given bug and save lots of time. Later you move to the Integration testing followed by Performance Testing. During the functional testing if your budget allows you to get the automation tools you can go for the tools like Robot or Winrunner for automating your functional testing. If you are developing a web application like online banking, Online shopping etc, the performance studies of the application is very important. It is also important for you to know the threshold point, break point of the application. For performance or the Load testing you can use the tools like Load Runner or Virtual User functionality of the Robot again.

Today, most grown-up companies treat software testing as a technical engineering profession. They recognize that having trained software testers on their project teams and allowing them to apply their skill early in the development process allows them to build better quality software helps in saving lots of money and efforts.

Finally, I summarize my this article by writing that the carrier in the software testing is challenging, critical and needs a good out of box thinking. Expertise and understanding of the testing tools like, Robot, Purify, Winrunner, Loadrunner will help you in saving time and important resources in the testing phase. With the size and complexity of today's software, it is essential that you should do testing professionally and effectively. To be an effective software tester, it's important to have at least a high-level programming language knowledge, understanding of the overall development life cycle process used to develop a software product.

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