From a team to A-Team


and the team, not the software they were producing. Your reward program success criteria might value different goals. Our A-team’s had fun and they went the extra-mile. Today, when you walk through the offices, you see A-team certificates hanging at desks and I would not be surprised if you soon find the term in resumes of employees.

Keep the program simple, transparent, fair, filled with trust just like the agile process itself. Instead of checklists, define success criteria and state them as expectations not as results. Have fun with it and kick-off 2010 with some fresh new ideas.

Last but not least I wanted to thank Tamara Sulaiman for her valuable feedback when the broad and initial ideas about this program began to take shape.

About the Author

Jochen (Joe) Krebs ( is an independent agile coach, instructor and consultant. As Incrementor (, he increases measurable business value through agile consulting and training programs for teams and entire organizations. Joe is the author of the book “Agile Portfolio Management”, founder of the APLN chapter in New York City and speaks at conferences and user groups when time and schedule permits.  

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