Test Automation: The Promise Versus The Reality

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One of the keys to success is separation of complex development tasks from the easier scripting tasks. Handpick developers within the organization as part of your test automation project team and pair them with the higher level testers that will be responsible for executing the tool once its implemented. Future maintenance will fall to those individuals within the

If your resources do not have the automation experience or the time to take on an automation project, you can also bring in a test automation specialty organization that can provide a turnkey solution and then train and mentor your team how to maintain and execute the baseline moving forward.

Points to Ponder
Test automation will deliver on its promise of reduced testing time and increased coverage for regression testing, but it has to be implemented correctly with a clear, strategic approach. Whether your company is exploring an automated tool purchase or attempting to get an implementation back on track, make sure you consider the following:

  • Is there enough money in the budget to implement a structured, maintainable approach rather than just enough money to purchase the tool?
  • Is there a clear, strategic implementation approach that will keep maintenance time and costs reasonable as the regression test baseline grows?
  • Have you selected the correct automation framework for your needs?
  • Does your team have the experience, skills and time to implement the automation effort correctly?/li>

Having sound answers to these questions will remove much of the stress that often surrounds automation and will give your organization the resource it needs to ensure existing application functionality still works as expected release after release.

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