Test Cases: Assignment and Execution Strategies

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have been overlooked by the author. This includes missing test cases, test cases based on misunderstood requirements, and incorrect test case design(e.g., incorrect test case naming conventions). It is very easy to overlook one’s errors which can be easily seen by others.

b) Broadens the scope of knowledge of the application
Team members become familiar with additional application functionalities than writing and executing their own test cases.

As a coin, this strategy too has two sides. Below are some of the factors which also need to be considered together with the ones mentioned above:

a) Incomplete testing
Test case author might have missed few scenarios while creating scripts. Since these are not covered in test scripts, they might go untested. A person executing someone else’s test cases might not delve into details about missing test cases. He might assume the test cases to be complete in all aspects.

b) Waste time
If the team is distributed (onsite and offshore) and test case assignments are done such that a person executing test cases is in different location than the development and analyst team for the same use case, it might waste time in case of issues and concerns to contact the appropriate person because of time difference and other factors. The wait for a response might range from few hours to days.

c) Frustration
Understanding someone else’s scripts can be quite challenging. It can become be very frustrating if the scripts are not well written and ambiguous.

For example: if during the test script execution one doesn’t understand the intent of the author, one might execute the scripts with whatever limited understanding they have. They might not raise issues and concerns because of tight deadlines and rush to finish the testing. Frustration to understand scripts might lead to poor testing.

Test case assignment and execution strategy should be an important consideration in any testing initiative. This not only ensures a smooth testing cycle but also improves the overall team efficiency. This article covered few of the considerations which might help when making such decisions.

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