The Test Manager's Survival Guide to Going Agile


You can do this with your team, today. You don't need your whole company to change its process. Instead, work with your team and conduct the review as outlined above. Then translate the results so they fit into your company's HR system. When your people are outperforming everyone else, it will be noticed in a good way.

Welcome to the world of being an agile manager, in which your team is a top performer, doing more, and in the same amount of time as before. Team morale is high and its outlook good. This is a world that you, the manager, helped build and make happen. Instead of building the best process or the best code, you are building better people, and that makes for better teams.

Better teams make for better projects. Better projects make for better products, which make better businesses. And better businesses make for a better world. 

Additional Resources: Being QA in An Agile World
The role of QA in agile is an important one. Along with product owner, QA staff are one of the best voices of the customer. StickyMinds has stored up years of advice for how to do or be QA in an agile environment. 

What is your favorite trick for agile adoption or "QA Agile" article on StickyMinds?  Leave a comment and recommend it to other readers. 


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