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Bringing Virtualization to Network Monitoring and Analysis
While virtualization has been used to improve service efficiency, single-server implementations still dominate the network monitoring and analysis infrastructure. In many cases, this is because the network monitoring and analysis appliance require all of the processing power that they can get. There are opportunities to consolidate appliances, however, especially as servers and server CPUs increase performance on a yearly basis.

Solutions are now available to allow for multiple network monitoring and analysis applications to be hosted on the same physical server. If all of the applications are based on the same operating system, intelligent network adapters have the ability to ensure that data is shared between these applications, which often need to analyze the same data at the same time but for different purposes.

For situations where the applications are based on different operating systems, though, virtualization can be used to consolidate them onto a single physical server. Demonstrations have shown that up to thirty-two applications can be consolidated by using virtualization.

Cloud service providers can further improve service efficiency by pursuing opportunities for consolidation of network monitoring and analysis appliances.

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